Providing specialist services to sport and entertainment professionals for the complete management of their wealth.

Our Media & Sport team offer a unique, professional and strictly confidential wealth structuring service, providing bespoke management solutions for professional media entertainers, sportsmen and women, teams or bands. Our team have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of the professional lives of sportsmen and women and international music and entertainment stars who are based all around the world.

Protecting and enhancing accumulated wealth

We provide an outstanding client service, which caters for all aspects of the individual’s financial goals whilst protecting their accumulated wealth and planning for their future generations’ inheritance of this wealth.

Our clients are some of the most recognised faces from the sporting and entertainment worlds and we act as a key facilitator and manager of their wealth. Spindler & Partner LLP ensures their assets are managed, image rights are administered and their intellectual property rights are secured and enforced through appropriate tax efficient wealth structures.

Experienced professionals

Our team are highly established professionals who are qualified in a wide range of areas, which enable them to provide wealth structuring services that can:

  • protect, administer and enhance accumulated wealth for private individuals or for a collective group or team of professionals
  • procure advice of legal, financial and fiduciary impacts of using all types of structures and the jurisdictions best suited
  • look after image rights and intellectual property rights
  • administer investment fund strategies

We can offer the following services:

  • Image rights management services. These structures are formed as tax efficient schemes to protect an individual’s image rights. Tailored correctly, the scheme can provide substantial tax benefits for an individual based in a particular jurisdiction where a proportion of his/her income is received from overseas
  • Intellectual property rights management services
  • Bespoke structuring, planning and administration services